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Let Us Answer Your Questions!

| Frequently Asked Questions

Will my dog be left unattended?

It is our aim that this is never the case. However should there be only one member of staff present and some of the boarding dogs are scheduled for a hike, or if there is an emergency we need to attend, then all dogs will be crated during this time.

Will I have to fill out any forms?

Yes, all clients will have to fill out an intake form and sign a waiver form for insurance and safety purposes.

What happens if I am delayed getting back from my holiday?

We would appreciate as much notice as possible so that we can try to accommodate your dog around our other bookings. Regular boarding rates will be added to your bill and must be paid at the time you collect your dog.

When do I pay?

Initial assessment fees can be paid on the night of your dog's overnight trial. Boarding fees can be paid on the day of their arrival. Payment can be made by eTransfer, Cheque, card or in cash, however should you wish to pay in advance for ease of mind, we are happy to receive payment.

What happens if I fail to collect my dog?

If you have not collected your dog forty-eight (48) hours after the agreed collection time and all efforts of contacting you have been unsuccessful, then your personal contact information and your dog will be given to the CRD. You will also be billed for the additional hours that your dog was in our care.

Does my dog have to be vaccinated and treated for fleas and ticks to stay with you?

Yes, this insures that all other dogs are safe from disease/fleas/ticks. Please see our Policies & Procedures page for more information about our vaccination requirements.

Does my dog have to have a dog license to stay with you?

Yes, all dogs are meant to be registered by law.

Do I need to provide evidence of the answers to the last two questions?

Yes, its a requirement for all dogs that stay. Current tags must be on their collars, and you must provide veterinary records of all of your vaccinations and medical treatments.

Does my dog have to be sociable with other dogs?

Yes, your dog must display good temperament towards other dogs as they will be boarding and socializing with other dogs. If your dog has social issues, then we highly recommend that you contact CommuniCanine to address those concerns prior to your dog's stay with us.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes we do! Please see our price list for current discounts, or send us an email to inquire.

I would really like my dog to stay with you, but he/she needs training. What can I do?

Please contact CommuniCanine for further information.

If I pay you a little extra, would you train my dog while it boards with you?

No. If your dog requires training, then please contact CommuniCanine for your needs. 

If I choose for my dog to receive Reiki during it's stay with you, will it hurt my dog?

No, its a non-intrusive form of treatment. Reiki will never harm the recipient, and is very beneficial to their physical and mental well-being!

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