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April started her career as a support worker in the United Kingdom, where she obtained a diverse background in working with people with autism and special needs.

April has over 12 years of experience in working with challenging needs and complex communication difficulties. She also received additional training in leadership and management.

April relocated to Canada in 2014 where she expanded her knowledge and took the opportunity to follow her true passion. April has always had a love for dogs, and has combined her diverse skills in working with people and her love of animals by pursuing a career in training dogs.

She attained her certification in dog training in 2016, quickly following with Dog First Aid to further expand the skills provided to her clients. She loves the challenge of working with each dog and is dedicated to providing a fun and fulfilling life for every dog she meets.

April has further expanded upon her passion by developing a fun living environment for dogs to have their own holidays and become part of her family.

April would love nothing more than to spend time making you feel at ease by caring for your beloved family member while you are away.


Tim began his working life as teacher and tutor for individuals with learning difficulties in the United Kingdom.

After several years, he redirected his career towards providing care for people in group homes. Tim has been working with individuals with challenging needs for over a decade.

Tim relocated to Canada in 2014. Following his desire to help those that are unable to communicate effectively for themselves, he continued to work with people that had communication challenges. Finding the work rewarding and wanting to find other ways to use his skills, he expanded into working with animals.

He started studying the art of Reiki in 2010, and has been practicing at a Master's level for the last four years. He is also certified in Animal Reiki and Dog First Aid, and enjoys knowing that he brings peace and healing to the animals in his care.

Tim's great zest for life and wonderful hilarity allow him to assist others in difficult situations with grace and humor. He is truly an “Old Soul”, applying wisdom that is heartfelt and genuine, and wants nothing more than to allow dogs a chance to experience peacefulness and joy while in his care.


Hello my name is Emmaline, I am the new employee at Woofability. What brought me to work in K9 care is my pure love of all dogs.

I have grown up with my family's golden retriever named Ginger who is nearly 13 years of age. She has been a big influence in the way I care for dogs. We bred her twice and both were big healthy litters. It was an awesome experience to raise puppies from the very start of their life.

Since then I have looked after family, friends and coworkers pets, but dogs in particular. In my spare time I enjoy the outdoors, fishing, camping and hiking with my dog.

On the side I am also an artist and my favourite things to paint are dog portraits.

Through this job I am excited to learn more about different breeds and how to care for them in the best way possible. I look forward to meeting all of your dogs and help make Woofability a fun and safe place.

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