Special Offers

Puppy Power Package

So you’ve got your new addition to your family, and now your thinking..............

“Where can I leave my dog when I have appointments to attend to?”

“I’d like to go away on holiday but can’t take my dog, where can they go?”

“I’d really like for my dog to become more socialized in a controlled environment?”

We at Woofability believe we can help with these questions and have designed a package especially for puppy owners, this package is to help your puppy become used to socializing with other dogs as well as help them learn that being away from the family can be just as much fun.

The package is centred on helping your puppy become more socialized and to be accustomed to being in a boarding environment. There will be no training involved only supervised interactions with other dogs.

The Package is as follows and done in three stages as your puppy grows in confidence:

Stage 1 = 3 x Half days daycare.

Stage 2 = 3 x Full day daycare.

Stage 3 = 3 x Overnight Boarding.

The package costs $200.00, thats a saving of $58 !!!!!

The stages can be either done in one block or spread out over the course of three months, either way your puppy will learn to socialize with other dogs, make some friends and become accustomed to staying in another environment away from home.

All Puppies must have received there full set of vaccinations and be of 4 months of age as a minimum and be no older than 9 months at time of purchase.

If interested please contact us for more details on 250-686-2558 or 250-686-2527 or via the contact form. 

Punch Card Reward

Purchase a Punch Card and you will receive eleven half days or eleven full days of daycare for the price of ten.