News and Events of what's happening at Woofability.

Meet and Greet at Bosleys Eagle Creek

May 21st 2017

Woofability had a great time at Eagle Creek Bosleys, we got to meet many members of the public and their furry friends, offering members of the public the opportunity to see who we are and what we are about, thank you all that attended and a huge thank you to Bosleys Eagle Creek for giving us this opportunity.

Maples Mews (Resident Boarding Reporter)

May 29th 2017

Hello everybody, I'm the new kid on the block.

The other resident boarding reporters have been showing me the ropes (and their little habits).

Apparently its my turn to report to the world the goings on at Woofability this month, so here goes.........

Apart from the totaling amazing news of my arrival we have had Freckles come and stay with us, she was a little nervous but soon got into the swing of things once here, he loved to play which was real cool as so do I.

Rory also came for a stay as well, this guy LOVES his blanket and takes it everywhere, i quite like that idea.

Then came Arlo, this guy is a total blast, he just runs around and plays non stop with me, i was totally tired after playing with him, he really loves his cuddles with the humans, something i can empathize with i love cuddles too.

Tanner got excited as a very beautiful and regal lady called Lacey came again to stay with us, she is totally elegant and so well behaved (Tanner is besotted with her, bless him).

Shirlee came and spent a night with us, she is a very happy girl and keeps to herself, maybe when she comes again we can all get to spend some time together and make some new friends?

Then just when i thought things was settling down, my playmate Arlo came back for a few days, and so the playing resumed lol.

Well that's my report for this month, speak to you all again soon. 

Meet and Greet @ Bosleys Eagle Creek

July 8th 2017

Hi everybody, if you missed us last time around, we will be at Bosleys Eagle Creek again on Saturday 8th July, where you'll have another opportunity to meet the staff and ask us any questions you may have.

There will also be an opportunity to pick up some free goodies for your four legged family members!

Nyms News (Resident Boarding Reporter)

July 4th 2017

Hi Readers, what a month it has been! It has been so busy, many dogs coming to spend there vacations with us.

We have thoroughly enjoyed seeing our friends again as they returned to us for a second time as well as some new paws coming.

The weather has been awesome and us resident dogs have have great fun hounding around outside with the boarders, lots of barking,chasing and playing with our favorite toys, we even now have the pool out (which is my personal favorite as i get to soak my paws and blow bubbles in the water lol)

The resident reporters are eagerly awaiting the next few months as we have so many dogs coming to join, we cannot wait for the fun that we are going to have.

Maples Mews (Resident Boarding Reporter)

August 12th 2017

Hello Everybody, sorry its later than planned, we have had so many dogs coming for there holidays over the last month.

Its been great meeting and greeting new friends to play with, i have enjoyed it so much, we do hope that we get to see everybody again in the future.

Both Nym and myself have been in the run with the other dogs playing and messing about in the pool as it has been soooooo hot, also getting to chase each other around in the great room, we have also really enjoyed going on the hikes with the other dogs as well, showing them where we go.

I have to say with the activity through the month its been great being able to lay down on the couch at the end of the day for some much needed snooze time lol.

Nyms News (Resident Boarding Reporter)

September 28th 2017

What a month it has truly been for us here at Woofability, we have had lots of our friends returning for some breaks and we have also had many new paws come and stay with us, I love meeting new dogs, the friendship group just keeps getting bigger.

The heat of the summer has been great as we have been able to play in the pool, me personally i love just standing in it to cool my hot paws or my favorite thing is to blow bubbles in the water.

Although we are only in September, Christmas is going to be awesome, we have many paws that are coming to spend the festive period with us.

Meet and Greet @ Bosleys Eagle Creek

September 28th 2017

Yes its that time again when we will be at Bosleys Eagle Creek on Saturday 30th September 2017, come and see us and have a chat, we look forward to seeing you there.

Halloween Special

October 3rd 2017

🎃👻Halloween special! 👻🎃

Halloween is not that far away, do your dogs become stressed at the door bell ringing from the trick or treaters? Do you want to go to a party? Or take the children out and not have to worry about your beloved friend being at home alone?

Then maybe we can help for $15 between the hours of 4pm-9pm you can leave your dog with us, preventing them from being stressed by the bell, or scary costumes.

We want to make sure that you and your dog have a stress free, and enjoyable time, this offer is available October 28-31

Nym & Maple Christmas Special News (Resident Boarding Reporters)

Dec 11th 2017

*********Christmas Update*************

Firstly we would both like to apologize for not reporting recently, we have been super busy over the last couple of months.

We have had so many dog friends come and stay with us and come for the day, we have made so many new and special friends, our pack at Woofability is growing on a daily and weekly basis.

As well as the pack continually getting larger there has been some plans for the new year in development, and we are sooooooooo excited and cant wait for work to begin., so watch this space.

Bosleys @ Eagle Creek have been amazing and we couldn't thank all the staff enough for their support.. 

Maples Mews (Resident Boarding Reporters)

Jan 26 2018

Wow straight off the back of a totally awesome Christmas, we went straight into it, lots and lots of new dogs to greet and show the ropes as well as many returning for short breaks.

Also we attended another Meet and Greet @ Bosleys Eagle Creek, more dogs potentially on there way lol.

We have launched a new Punch Card system for half day and full day daycares as well as introduced a dog tag system, every dog that stays with us has one fitted so should they decide to want to investigate and explore and get confused and lost, but get found, they will come back to us because our number is on it.  For regular dogs that stay with us they have they opportunity to purchase one of these tags, so that should they get lost when at home, and there owners can't be contacted then they can be brought to somewhere they are familiar with until there owners are contacted.

Three weeks into the new year and its been busy busy busy and the rest of the year looks that way to lol.

See you all soon!

Nyms Mews (Resident Boarding Reporters)

22nd May 2018

First an apology, its been four months since one of us reported the goings on at Woofability, this we are truly sorry for, its been a very busy four months.

In those four months we have had a new addition to the resident reporters, her name is Pepper, she came to us a foster but we instantly fell in love with her as did she us and that was that, she found her forever home with us, she loves to play and chase and (I personally as Momma Bear) have had to show her the ropes, which she is getting the hang of quite well.

We have also extended the run, this is totally awesome as now we all get to go out together as a big group and burn some energy off and once we've done that we like to just hang out and catch some rays (my personal favourite activity.

There has also been so many newcomers to the Woofability pack as well, the friendship group just keeps on getting bigger weekly.

The humans keep talking of more stuff planned to happen but I'll leave that to them to tell you lol.

Until next time see you all soon!

*****************Important Notice****************

22nd May 2018

We will be closed from June 17 - 20, Open as Normal on June 21st.

We are taking a vacation!

Our priority is to always provide a high level of service, and to ensure that this continues we need to do a deep clean, some modifications and to take some time to refresh ourselves.

We are sorry for any inconvenience, and can't wait to share our exciting future with you all.

April and Tim

Peppers Papers ( Resident Boarding Reporters)

6th April 2019

Hello Everybody, Sorry its been such a while since us Boarding reporters have reported the latest news at Woofability.

Its been an exciting year here, the pack at Woofability continues to grow, lots of new dogs coming to stay for a holiday or come for the day, as well as many of the regulars returning.

There are two exciting bits of news I wish to share with you, we now have a new member of staff (Emmaline) you can read about her under the "The Crew" tab on the website.

Secondly we are all very excited as development on the 'Outdoor Daycare Centre' is well underway, we all have the chance to go and play down there and its great but its not finished yet and we know its going to keep getting better as more work continues to be finished.

Be sure to check in regular on the news section as we reporters report more exciting news from Woofability, and if you haven't looked yet check out our Facebook page for daily pictures on those staying with us, must dash see you all next time.

Nyms News (Resident Boarding Reporter)

March 22 2017

What a week, we have had our first boarder, a great guy named Leroy, loves to play and goof about with us all and he is never short of energy.

He was good fun on walks out, loved to bounce as he went along, loves PUDDLES, he really loves puddles he must have gone in every puddle we encountered on our walks out, diving into them and then doing a little skip as he bounced to the next one.

It didn’t take him long to become accustomed to his holiday with us, whilst his humans were away on their holidays, he came and joined us all around the log fire, stretching out and lying upside down (personally I can’t sleep like that).

I thought I loved being with humans, but Leroy loves them always trying to get them to play, dancing and weaving in and out of their legs when he sees them, taking every opportunity to get a belly rub, and head rub.

The other resident reporters and I have thoroughly enjoyed having him stay with us and look forward to him staying again if he feels that he needs a holiday again.

Woofabilty Open House & Easter/Spring Photography Fundraiser

March 22 2017

When - Saturday April 1st 2017 

What Time -  10am - 4pm 

Where - 4497 Prospect Lake Road, Victoria, BC.

Please contact to book an appointment 

Requested $20 donation.

Proceeds going to R.O.A.M and Vancouver Island Dogs Rescue Society.

Tanner's Tidings (Resident Boarding Reporter)

April 22 2017

It's been a busy month! We've had dogs coming in and out of here like we've suddenly installed a revolving door. (I've never mastered those things, myself. My boofy tail keeps getting caught in them...)

Scout was here for a really long time! We went on all sorts of hikes, and played in the great room. He even got to snuggle up by the woodstove with us on chilly evenings. For a while, we thought he was a permanent fixture, then his momma came to pick him up. Boy oh boy, did he go berserk when she arrived! He must have missed her an awful lot.

Dayna & Bella also stayed for a while. They're sisters that don't look an awful lot alike. I'm told that that happens on occasion. Bella enjoyed the fireplace more than anything, and Dayna logged into my mom's computer to check her emails a couple of times. She was really smart!

Rory is an older golden gent with wise, kind eyes. He keeps trying to impart his wisdom to the other dogs in the house, but I'm not sure they're all ready for what he's trying to teach them. I listen as often as I can between our hikes and couch cuddles.

Charlie was another golden girl that was here for a while when her family traveled away for a week or so. Apparently, they were celebrating something called “Easter” that all the two-leggers make a big deal about. I keep hearing about some bunny that comes to leave delicious smelling treats for the other people in the house. I didn't smell a bunny downstairs on Easter morning, but I sure smelled signs of him all over the yard!

Freckles is a boisterous girl with a BIG bark. She's getting to spend special time out on solo hikes with some of the two-leggers in the house, and always comes back smelling of treats and saying that she's “going to get a PhD at this rate”. She must be learning a lot while she's away from home!

Lacey Marie is what most guys think of as the "whole package" - looks and brains! She was great to hike with, and watch the wind blow through her fur... *sigh*... I told my mom that she was welcome back any time!

Leo came for something called "daycare". He's a big German Shepherd, aren't they usually used for police dogs? I hope he's not too observant next time he comes. I sometimes sneak licks of my mom's plate when she's not looking...

Maple is the newest addition to the house, and we know now that she IS a permanent fixture. She's completely infatuated with her daddy, Tim, and seems to be getting on well with all of us other resident dogs. She smells really good, and is mostly sweet, and likes to share her treats with all of us, too!

Our family hosted something called an “open house” here at the beginning of April. I'm not sure what they meant by that though, as all the windows and doors stayed closed most of the day. Lots of people came and went, so maybe that's what they meant? My mom was super busy taking photos all day, and there were food trays out on tables that we were told not to touch. (The nerve!) Most of the dogs that came in got posed with baskets and flowers while their photos were taken, and there was a lot of excitement about raising funds for something called “charities”. As long as they were all happy about it, it must have been a good thing! Mom snuck me a carrot from one of the platters at one point, so I didn't complain too much.

Whew! It really has been a busy month! We hope that you enjoy our newsy posts – we like letting all of you know about what's going on around here on the hill. Stay tuned for further updates!