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How We Prepare for Incidents

| Are you Prepared? 

Did you know in the event of a Major Incident that South Islands Pets Team are the ones who look after your pets.

We wanted to make sure that not only are we ready for a major incident but that we help promote awareness to all our clients.Therefore we have started working with South Islands Pet Team to ensure that we are all as prepared as possible.

South Islands Pet Teams Mission is to "provide support to pets and their owners in conjunction with an emergency social services reception centre or group lodging facility"

The team is made up of volunteers that are ready to go when we need them the most.

For more information on South Islands Pet Team visit their website by clicking the following link

What do we do?

Your dogs safety is our top priority, we have taken a number of steps to make sure we are as prepared as we can be in the event of a major incident, listed below are all the things we do to make sure we are prepared:

  1. South Island Pet Team have visited us and discussed how they support dogs in an emergency and helped us understand the process.
  2. We have grab kits for both dogs and humans to last up to 78hrs.
  3. We are registered with the local fire service as a boarding facility.
  4. We are signed up to receive alerts of a major incident.
  5. We have taken courses in earthquake preparedness and Pet First Aid.

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