Foster Dogs

We at Woofability are proud to be working with such a great rescue organisation as Dog Bless Rescue.

To help with the dogs that are rescued, we foster a dog to help them become more socialized with other dogs, and to help them build up their confidence until they find their forever home.

Below is the current dog that is up for adoption that is staying here with us.


Bo has been with us a little over two weeks at present, when he first came to us he was scared of everything and anything, once he gets to know you he will always be by your side, he loves the couch and a lap to curl up on, he does need a little training to help him understand the world around him and how to present himself within it.

He can be very shy and fearful towards new dogs, but once he has become familiar with the dog, he will be far more interested in a lap or couch.

Bo is more suited to low energy dogs that aren't in his face, equally his ideal forever home would be with someone who is always going to be around him and be able to give him the time and patience to do some training with him.

If you think you could be the person to offer Bo his forever home, and would like more information please click here!


We are pleased to announce that Bo has found his forever home.


We'd like to introduce you to a truly beautiful guy named Chance, who is currently looking for his forever home, he is a very energetic young man, he loves his humans once he has had time to know them and trust them. His first encounter with someone new can be misunderstood, he is initially nervous but at the same time very excited !!! and this can often overwhelm him (this also goes with meeting new dogs).

Once Chance knows you he can be very affectionate and loves being petted and he gives such affectionate cuddles.

He is best suited to a home where he can have fun, fully fenced (as he likes to explore!!!) but yet calm where he can just sit and chill with his humans, Chance is a bit of a ladies man when it comes to female dogs, often flirting with them and generally goofing around with them.

Chance needs a home that's going to be firm with him and set boundaries for him and will require training that is consistently followed through all the time whilst at home and out and about. When Out and About he will be needed to be leashed and requires some work on leash training.

He is a bundle of joy that has so much love to give, he just needs that special person with a special home, that's prepared to give him the time and patience to prove what a great dog he truly is. 

If you think you could be the person to offer Chance his forever home, and would like more information please click here!


It is with great joy that Chance has now been adopted into his forever home.


Meet Chloe a very energetic young lady, who once she gets to know you will want nothing more than to be where you are.  

She has so much love to give and loves fuss and cuddles.  She does need some help with boundary setting and some training but despite this would make an excellent companion for someone looking to devote there love and energy to.

She can be shy and reserve to start off with, but once she's familiar with you, you'll feel the love for humans she can give, she's a little afraid of going outside in the dark and will need support and patience to overcome this.

This girl is itching to find her forever home to show them her full potential.

If you think you could be the person/family to offer Chloe her forever home, and would like more information please click here!